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Each child is inherently musical. We develop these musical skills through singing, playing instruments, composing, listening, moving, and playing games using music from various styles and cultures. Children are assisted in their journeys to reach the highest level of music literacy possible with the hope that their elementary experience will serve as a springboard for lifelong enjoyment of music.


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Concepts Covered in Each Grade

Kindergarten - steady beat, long/short rhythm, high and low, melodies moving up and down, distinguishing between speaking, singing, whispering, and calling voices, same/different form, question and answer, fast and slow, loud and soft

First Grade - steady beat vs. the rhythm of the words, meter in two’s and three’s, quarter note, quarter rest, and eighth note, solfeggio so and mi, high, middle, and low, one part ostinato, simple bordun, percussion instruments, AA and AB form, getting faster and slower, expressive singing, space note, line note, staff, double bar line, and treble clef

Second Grade - strong and weak beat, meter in two’s, three’s, and four’s, half note and half rest, solfeggio la, so, and mi, string instruments, 2-part ostinati, verse/refrain and ABA form, dynamics forte and piano, getting louder and softer, stepping, repeating, and leaping notes, repeat sign and time signature

Third Grade - sixteenth notes, dotted half note, whole note, and whole rest, solfeggio la, so, mi, re, do, in-tune singing, 2-part canon, 3-part ostinati, call/response, introduction, crescendo/decrescendo, legato/staccato, phrase, bar line, measure, ritardando, D.C. al fine, 1st and 2nd endings, tempo, and do clef, playing recorders

Fourth Grade - eighth note/sixteenth note patterns and dotted quarter notes, solfeggio high do, la, so mi, re, do, low la, and low so, playing recorders, 4-part ostinati, partner songs, 3-part canon, band/orchestra, instrument families, same/different, ABC and rondo form, dynamics ff-f-mf-mp-p-pp

Fifth Grade - major and minor scale, 4-part canon, orchestral instrument recognition, ensembles, theme and variations form, coda, awareness of different styles, sharp and flat signs, reading from a 2-part score



Students are given written and performance assessments throughout the year. Student evaluation is based on effort, participation and skill development. Written assignments, quizzes, and tests occur more frequently in the higher grades. Routine assessment takes place in class. Ability to use one’s singing voice, accurate reading and understanding of music symbols, rhythmic and melodic notation, identifying musical form, conducting of patterns and playing Orff and rhythm instrument patterns accurately are some of the areas assessed on an inpidual student basis.



Third and fourth graders have an extensive study of soprano recorder playing including note and rhythm reading.



Fourth and fifth graders have the opportunity to join the Fry School Chorus. In chorus we develop vocal technique, reading music, expression, responsibility, and team working skills by singing music from various styles and backgrounds. We rehearse every Thursday morning starting at 8 a.m. The chorus performs two concerts a year, in the winter and spring.


Orff Ensemble

Fry's Orff Ensemble runs on Mondays at 8 a.m. and is open to 4th graders in the Fall and 5th grade in the Spring. The "Orff" approach is one that believes children can be musical and creative, and it puts them in charge of his/her own music-making. It uses the vehicles of singing, playing instruments, improvisation, movement and dance, speech, and story-telling to put the child in the creative seat. The end goal is the "creative" student, using acquired musical skills and vocabulary to make decisions for their own performances. An "Orff Ensemble" is an ensemble of imaginative singers, players, movers, and story-tellers who work as a team to create their performances.


Fine Arts Festival

The Fine Arts Festival takes place in May at both high schools and showcases the different musical and artistic achievements of students from elementary through high school.


Evening Musical Performances

Second Grade gives an evening musical performance for family and friends. All students are encouraged to participate.



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