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Academic Policies


Grades are an evaluation of student achievement toward grade level objectives, not potential or social performance. Teachers use frequent and ongoing evaluation tools in determining a students grades. Components of these grades will reflect numerous and varied age-appropriate opportunities for students to be risk-takers, to succeed and to demonstrate their knowledge of the subject matter. These grading components may include, but are not limited to:
  • cooperative group projects
  • cooperative group presentations
  • in class assignments
  • preparation for class material
  • class discussion
  • independent projects
  • independent presentations
  • quizzes & tests
  • independent readings
Grading Scale for Grades 1-2
S+ Demonstrates strength
S Satisfactory progress
I Showing improvement
N Needs to improve
U Unsatisfactory progress
Grading Scale for Grades 3-5
A 91-100 Above Average
B 81-90 Average
C 71-80 Satisfactory
D 65-70 Below Average
F 64 and below Failing



  • Art: 25 minutes once per week
  • Music: 25 minutes once per week
  • PE: 25 minutes once per week


Grades 1-5: 

  • Art: 50 minutes once per week
  • Music: 25 minutes twice per week
  • PE: 25 minutes three times per week

In the event that your child is recovering from an illness or injury you may requests in writing that he/she be excused from participation in PE class for up to three (3) days. After the third day a note from a physician is required for exclusion.


Please refer to the district's statement on homework for elementary students:


Homework should grow out of class work experience and should expand and enrich that class work. Applications such as learning experience outside of the classroom are considered extremely valuable. Some homework is enhanced by parent involvement and some is not. Teachers will inform parents of the appropriate involvement level as needed.

The time spent on the frequency of homework will vary according to each student's skill level, grade level and subject matter covered. Homework begins in an informal fashion in the primary grades and requires more time and effort as the child progresses.

Parents of children at all grade levels are responsible for supporting their child's educational environment by establishing a home atmosphere that is conducive to learning. This atmosphere should include specific study times and a specific study location for doing the homework (preferably free from television, radio and telephone).

Parents are expected to be sufficiently interested in their child's education to commit the time and energy needed to monitor/supervise the child's home study and thereby insure that he/she makes a reasonable effort to complete the homework assignments in the required time allotted.

In the case of an extended illness, please keep in contact with the school. We will help keep your child current with regard to covered subject matter content. However, obviously valuable classroom discussion cannot be replicated.



According to Illinois state law, a non-custodial parent has the right to copies of notices, calendars, conferences, report cards, and other related school communications unless a court issues an order limiting those rights. However, a non-custodial parent must annually request such communication in writing and include an correct address and telephone number.

A cumulative record will be maintained for each student. Such records will be used only for the benefit, promotion and welfare of the student. All material in the cumulative record will be maintained and treated as being confidential.


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