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Tried & True Hints For Elementary Aged Children:

  1. Set aside time daily to spend with your child.
  2. Listen to your child and talk with him.
  3. Be supportive.
  4. Don't try everything on these lists at once; try a little at a time and return to favorites.
  5. Be enthusiastic! Make the activities fun and keep them appropriate in length of time. Talk up learning; the goal is to assist your child to become an enthusiastic, life-long learner.
  6. Have your child read daily (generally, most useful and important of all suggestions). Let them select, or at least have input, on what they read. We suggest that ideally your child read from a variety of genres. Top priority, we want them to enjoy reading. Be sure and create the environment where your student can concentrate and focus during daily reading. For some children this means turning off the T.V. and radio.

Talk about what they are reading. Ask them questions such as:

  • What's the story about? Help me understand the main idea(s).
  • Who are the main characters?
  • Which character do you relate to most, and why?
  • What is the setting of the story?
  • Why (why not) do you like it?
  • What lessons can be learned from this story?
  • If you were the author, what would you write differently? Why?
  • What would be a better title for the story? Why?
  • Predict the ending. What is your prediction based upon?


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