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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader Program

The Accelerated Reading Program is designed to promote reading. Many of the library books at Fry have Accelerated Reader tests designed to work on the students’ comprehension skills and reading fluency. The books that have tests to go with them are designated by a yellow label on the spine of the book. The students may take these tests to score points. All of the tests are taken on the computer and can be taken from any computer in the building. The students must take the test by themselves with no help from a friend, the book, or notes. On a .5 point test the students must score a 60% or higher to be awarded points. On a 1-point test the students must score a 70% or higher to be awarded points.

The program is optional for 2nd through 5th grade. The teachers and LMC staff encourage all of our students to participate in Accelerated Reader Program. Kindergarten and 1st grade participation is based on their reading and comprehension levels assessed on their quarterly report card. So every quarter we could have additional Kindergarten and 1st grade students entering the program.

Every student who participates in the program will receive a certificate of achievement. There are PTA representatives that help run and maintain this program. Please see specific information about this year under the link above.

Reading Incentive

Six Flags & Cougars Reading Incentive

Fry Elementary School participates in two other reading incentive programs for eight weeks at the beginning of each calendar year. They are the Six Flags Great America - Read to Succeed program and the Kane County Cougars Baseball - Ozzie's Reading Club. Information and the reading logs go home with students at the beginning of the winter.  You can also find a copy on our Fry School homepage.

Every student who completes six hours, or 360 minutes, of recreational reading will earn a free admission ticket to both places.   These programs are meant to encourage reading for enjoyment along with improving reading skills.   Please encourage your child to participate and support your child as he/she strives to achieve this goal.


Upon reaching the 6 hour reading goal, the student will receive a Six Flags Great America free admission ticket. He or she will also receive a ticket to the Kane County Cougars baseball game on our school's designated date.  When you attend a game, your child may be honored before the game during an on-field parade, or may receive a voucher for a hot dog and drink, and may receive a special prize.


Students can read books, magazines, newspapers, and comic books. They can read on their own or parents can read to younger children. What doesn't count, is any reading your child has to do for homework or an assignment. To record the reading, simply write down the number of minutes read on the dates of these calendars. At the end of the eight weeks, tally up how many minutes were read and provide a parent signature that verifies the accuracy of the amount of minutes read. These forms must be returned by the due date in order for us to order the tickets. Look at the Fry School homepage for the Winter Reading Incentive to download the forms.  If you have any questions, please contact the Library Media Center at 630-428-7414, or

Thank you for supporting reading for enjoyment,

Fry Elementary School's Library Media Center

Young Authors

What is the Young Authors Program?

Fry's Young Authors program is part of the Illinois Young Authors program, which culminates with a statewide conference in May. Our school will choose a representative to send on behalf of Fry Elementary School to Illinois State University in the Spring. This program is intended to generate appreciation and recognition of children's writing. Students in first through fifth grade are encouraged to participate in the Young Authors Program by writing and submitting an original story, essay, or collection of poems. As part of Fry's emphasis on the 6 traits of good writing, all students taking part in the program are encouraged to remember these traits as they create their own stories.

All the details you need to participate in the Young Author's program are listed on below. Please follow the guidelines and rules as they are written. Manuscripts that do not follow the established guidelines are subject to disqualification from the judging process. Read on for information, should you choose to give it a try! We're proud of the creative minds we have at Fry and are looking forward to reading all of the good writing!

Guidelines for Manuscript Development

  • All manuscripts should be checked for completeness, correct spelling, punctuation, neatness. 
  • Acceptable styles of writing are poetry, story, or essay. Try expository, narrative or persuasive writing! Consider fiction or non-fiction! Let your imagination run wild. Be creative!
  • The author determines length and format. There is no size requirement for the book in terms of length, height, width, or shape. 
  • The work must be original; the child must conceive the entire story. Adults may offer encouragement and criticism but may not act as "ghost writers." Adults may, however, point out mechanical errors or areas of concern without specifically telling students what to write. 
  • Students are asked to work alone in the project. No joint manuscripts will be accepted.
  • Dictated books may be typed or handwritten by an adult but must be in the student's own "voice".
  • **IMPORTANT!** Manuscripts must be in book form with a substantial cover and pages securely attached. A title page MUST accompany the manuscript. Manuscripts received without a cover and title page, and those that are not in book form will not be entered into the judging process. Covers may be as fancy or as simple as the author desires, as long as they are well bound. Many people could be handling the manuscript and we don't want any lost pages! EXAMPLES of well bound manuscripts that have held up well with lots of people handling them include spiral binding, comb binding, tape binding, several staples, reinforced holes, 3 ring binder, a blank book (can be purchased at The Chalkboard), etc. Report covers that have a sliding side plastic piece and clear front cover have proven not to hold up under so much handling even though they do look sturdy. Please consider other alternatives. We cannot be responsible for missing pages.
  • The classroom teacher must receive all manuscripts.  Please have the manuscript delivered to school by the due date in order for it to be included in the judging process.
  • Students may write about any topic they wish, but if names and/or pictures of Fry staff or students are used, written permission MUST be granted ahead of time and included in the back of the manuscript. If written permission is not included with your manuscript, the manuscript cannot be judged or displayed. 

Birthday Book

Fry LMC’s Birthday Book Club! 

Are you looking for a fun way to honor your child’s birthday? Fry's Library Media Center has the answer!  Donating a book to Fry’s LMC helps to build our library collection and make your child feel special at the same time.

During the month of your child’s birthday, we will call all children participating in the Birthday Book Club for the month down to the LMC to choose a book from the birthday book cart. The Birthday Book Club will run from September to May. If your child’s birthday is in June, July or August, we will invite him or her to come down to the LMC during the month of their half birthday.


There will be a wide selection of hardcover books to choose from. After your child chooses a book, we take his/her picture to put in the front of the book with a bookplate commemorating the donation. Your child's first name will be listed on our LMC website to showcase the title they chose. Your child will be the first to check out the book he/she chooses!  Once the book is returned, your child's photo will be displayed in the LMC with the Birthday Book for other's to check out.  What a fun opportunity!

If you are interested in participating, please fill out this form and return it to the LMC with cash or a check payable to Fry Elementary School for $15.

Thank you for considering this program. It’s a great way for your child to feel special and to support the Fry LMC at the same time. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Mrs. Michelle Loughran, NBCT

LMC Director



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