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Resource-Based Teaching

Resource-based teaching is a cooperative teaching method between the classroom teacher and the LMC Director. The purpose of resource-based teaching is to integrate library and information skills as well as literature appreciation activities into the classroom curriculum. The library is not a separate subject area and should not be treated as such. Rather, the library supports the curriculum. Library skills taught in isolation are not meaningful for students. Information literacy skills and literature appreciation activities become meaningful for students when related to a unit of study or interest.

Flexible scheduling is the method of scheduling used in conjunction with resource-based teaching. Classes are not scheduled on a fixed basis for a set period of time each week. With flexible scheduling, lessons are scheduled at the point of need. For example, a class studying the solar system may want to come to the LMC during their scheduled science time to do some research.

Cooperation and communication are key to the success of the resource-based teaching method. The LMC director will meet with grade level teams on a monthly basis for planning purposes. During a scheduled monthly LMC planning meeting, this team will develop lessons and discuss support materials for the coming month. Other informal planning meetings with the LMC director can also be scheduled as needed.

The district's language arts and technology curriculum will dictate the basic goals to be reached. Areas for planning will include information literacy skills, research assignments, literature support, curriculum support, publishing, technology skills, reading incentives, programs, literature appreciation activities, etc. Instruction will be delivered using a team approach, therefore, classroom teachers will remain with their class when a whole group lesson is planned. The LMC director will meet with whole classes, small groups, or individuals depending on the lesson.

Online Resources

Students have numerous resources available to them when they login to Google with their username and password. There are also Student Resources linked here.


Here is a list of books to use to help students understand Digital Citizenship and Online Safety. All are located in Fry's LMC!



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