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English as a Second Language (Transitional Program of Instruction)


An English Language Learner is a student who may hear and/or speak another language at home. When a new student comes to our school, the family is asked to complete a Home Language Survey. These are directed to the ELL specialist for evaluation. State mandated assessments in listening, speaking, reading, and writing are done to determine if services are needed and to what extent. 




Our primary goal is to support the ELL students in the regular classroom by providing the knowledge, proficiencies, and experiences in English that will enable them to move to a greater level of academic competency. To attain this goal, the ELL focus is to form a partnership with the child’s classroom teacher to develop all areas of literacy, within the framework of the classroom curriculum. This support may include such activities as enriching background knowledge, explaining basic, social, and grade-level vocabulary, along with expanding concepts and topic big ideas.


Model of Service Instruction


Students are usually seen in a pull-out setting individually or in small groups, for 30 minute sessions, 1-5 days per week. Grouping is by grade or skill level. Students with varying primary languages are mixed in these groups. The ELL specialist teaches and supports the students only in English. Service will continue until the student gains proficiency as evidenced by the annual state ACCESS language proficiency test.



Websites with learning activities and/or parent resources


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